What is Virtual VCS for DC?

It's a port of the first Atari2600 emulator ever : Virtual VCS.
It has no sound support but the sourcecode is very clean and understandable thats why i chose to work with it.

About the Atari2600:

Videogames started to become increasingly popular in 1979, but the VCS wasn't exactly breaking any sales records. That is until 1980, when Atari became the first company to port an arcade game to cartridge. The game? Space Invaders. Space Invaders for the VCS hit the shelves in January, 1980, and was a huge hit. Many people bought the VCS just to play Space Invaders at home, as Warner had predicted. The future of Atari looked bright.

taken from classicgaming.com
more info : http://www.classicgaming.com/museum/2600/index.shtml


It's an interesting thought that it could be possible again to play all the old Atari classics on the TV.
I think a lot of people out there would like to enjoy the classics again.



Current Status

The source compiles but when i load a rom the emu always runs into a "unknown opcode error (Opcode 2)".
Maybe a endian problem.
I need to take some time to check that.


not yet