What is oddDC?

oddDC is a port of O2EM the only Odyssey2 (G7000 in Europe) emulator.

Probably the most interesting thing about Odyssey˛ software was that almost all the games were written by one man: Ed Averett, a former Intel salesman who started writing all the Odyssey˛ games after the other Magnavox designers, after only six months of production, simply ran out of ideas. He wrote all the Odyssey˛ games (with the exception of a few early and late releases), amounting to twenty-four games in four years.

taken from classicgaming.com
more info: http://www.classicgaming.com/museum/o2/index.shtml


The G7000 is the oldest console i own so it's kind of a egoistic port just for me :-p


A first release will be out when I've implemented the joypad support and a GUI. (in other words : soon)

Current Status

Already done
(o)2k,4k and 8k roms are running
(o)Keyboard support is implemented

(o)Rom menu
(o)Sound support
(o)Joypad support