credits - programming
Heliophobe for the sound emulation in [D]Colem.
Marat Fayzullin for writing ColEm and lots of other great emulators.
Daniel Boris for writing O2EM and Virtual VCS.

credits - dcdev general

Dan Potter for libdream and KOS.
Marcus Comstedt and Hitmen for starting the dcdev.
turbooboo for being very helpful when i had questions.

credits - the rest and staff
And all the others I forgot.

The guy who invented beer

ANTI - credits (or "My own little HATE list")

Radical people (wheter right ones or left ones).
The fag who invented the Teletubbies.
The guy who deceided to stop making the old Batman episodes.
Ravers (the stupid ones).
The asshole who lost my Rancid album (may be me).
Bush,Haider and all other "stupid as hell" politicians for being alive.
Everyone who votes this guys. be continued...