about me (Marc Dietrichstein,19)

My nicknames in the DC-scene are gonzo and SoHo.
And as you must have guessed english is not my motherlanguage.
Thats because I'm from Austria so please excuse all my grammatical erros (or at least some of 'em).
My official programming history starts with my DC projects.I made some PC projects before but nothing special.
So this is the start of my official programming history.
And hey I'm not a freak.I don't even have glasses,I don't think computer jokes are funny and I hate Starttrek (except the old episodes - damn funny).
If you doubt this words go fuck yourself.

Thats it.I don't want to get to personal here.
The last important thing about me is that I'm very into Punkrock and similar kinds of music.
Rancid,Millencolin,Midtown and many other bands make the soundtrack to my life.
Their music really helped (hmm or still helps) me through some bad times.

Hey Ho Gabba Gabba ;)

about the page
This page is all about my DCEmulation projects.
At the moment I have 3 projects running but maybe there will be more in the future.
I also want to give everyone the possibility to download my emu's and their sourcecode from here.
Maybe this will help some newbie coders to start programming on the DC.